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Is Louis Bacon losing his touch?

It appears that hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon of the Clifton saga fame is losing his touch in business.

First the company reportedly reduced the fees they charge clients; then they laid off 30 employees; now they are divesting interest in a company that is underperforming.

As it turns out, the U.S. stock markets are doing well overall. They are being described as experiencing a ‘rally’—“A rally is a period of sustained increases in the prices of stocks, bonds or indexes,” as described by Investopedia.com.

But, not so for Moore Capital Management. According to reports filed, Bacon’s business seems not to be making the gains that the stock market is generally, and specific picks of theirs have underperformed.

Not to get to deep into the weeds, but according to latest reports, a stock that Bacon has been investing in over several months is ‘down trending’ and underperformed the S&P500 by 28.96%.

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Moore Capital Management cutting jobs

Moore Capital Management, the hedge-fund firm that oversees $13.4 billion, has cut about 30 jobs, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

The firm founded by billionaire Louis Bacon reduced staff numbers in London and New York, the person said, asking not to be identified because the matter is private. Moore’s fund lost 2 percent this year through June 22 after gaining 5 percent in 2016, according to an investor document.

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Louis Bacon’s Moore Macro Managers fund down 2.7%

Big-name managers have been wrongfooted by unforeseen political events, investors say - and nimble upstarts have shown them a clean pair of heels

Some of the biggest names in global macro are falling farther behind their younger rivals - and investors are starting to notice.

Renowned fund managers such as Caxton Global, Brevan Howard and Moore Capital are in the red so far in 2017, according to performance figures collected by HSBC.

Graham Capital's $2.1bn absolute return macro fund is down almost 7% to June 6. Alan Howard's $8.7bn Brevan Howard macro fund lost 3.1% between the start of the year and April 30, and Louis Bacon’s $7.5bn Moore Macro Managers fund is down 2.7% to May 31.

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If Louis Bacon Controls The Bahamas…

Hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon has used his millions in a scorched earth campaign against fashion mogul Peter Nygard and the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas—all done through Save The Bays and its attorney and Director, Fred Smith.
Toward this end, Fred Smith behaves like a bulldog engaged in persistent and ferocious attacks against anyone deemed Bacon’s enemy.
Now Fred Smith and Louis Bacon, supposedly, seek to carry out their agenda through the Free National Movement (FNM) political party.
Here’s the thing. Even after challenging the FNM Chairman to deny that several Free National Movement candidates are being funded by money from Louis Bacon, there has been radio silence. No denials have been heard anywhere.
Given that Bacon’s money funding FNM candidates is a likely fact, there is much to discuss about Louis Bacon and what this means for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, since we know that ‘what’s past is prologue’.
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Why is Louis Bacon funding FNM candidates?

Three Free National Movement (FNM) candidates in the upcoming General Elections in The Bahamas are said by other candidates to be funded by money from hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon.

As expressed by Minster Fred Mitchell, the question many Bahamians want the FNM to answer is “if the FNM is elected to office, will they be running for and representing Louis Bacon and Save The Bays, or will they be representing the Bahamian people?”

Believing the former, Minister Mitchell asserted in a recent speech “the FNM has some people who are representing some rich billionaires overseas.”

This is a dire threat to our sovereignty. If these assertions are true, a core question that needs to be asked is why is Louis Bacon funding candidates for the Free National Movement?

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Model Petrified Of Louis Bacon

An African American model reported that she is so afraid of hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon that her doctor has put her on heavy medications such as Zoloft, Zanex and Ambien.

In June of 2016, the model filed a lawsuit against Louis Bacon for Fraud, Conspiracy to Commit Fraud, and Fraudulent Concealment in the Superior Court Of The State of California.

In the court document, the model alleges the following about the day she found out about the “fake” 2011 lawsuit using her name: The model says that in late 2015 she was approached by a female investigator from a private investigation company—a company Bacon was said to have used against Mr. Nygard in the past, as explained in the court document—who offered to take her to lunch.

The court document states:

“On further information and belief, at lunch Ness plied M with large quantities of alcohol and unlawfully gave her the prescription medication Adderall—a stimulant which, when combined with alcohol, diminishes a person’s ability to distinguish if she has had too much to drink—in an effort to obtain a statement from M about Nygard.”

The model explained that shortly after she finally found out about her supposed lawsuit that she never authorized, she was threatened and harassed. She accuses Bacon and his attorney of these efforts.

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Louis Bacon acts like he is King of The Bahamas

Hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon sits in his million-dollar home abroad and works like a puppet master controlling the strings of his puppets here in The Bahamas. In his attempts to destroy fashion mogul Peter Nygard, he uses his puppets to do his dirty work.

One of Bacon’s puppets, Save The Bays attorney and Director Fred Smith, got it backwards when he said that Peter Nygard thinks he is “King of The Bahamas”. It is Louis Bacon who acts like he is “King of The Bahamas”.

Think about it.

Bacon decides that he wants to own a huge piece of Lyford Cay so buys up the five estates around hm. Now he has the ocean on the north and south side of his property, but that’s not good enough. If he could purchase Nygard Cay to the west of him, then his estate would become a peninsula with the ocean surrounding him on three sides.

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Louis Bacon Berated For Trivializing Slavery

While hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon likes to tout conservationist inclinations, he has also stirred up controversy with his comments about a controversial book and his interest in preserving his family’s former North Carolina plantation, which one Civil Rights leader described as “one of the most brutal slave plantations in North America.
It is important to pay attention and get to know the individual who is so gravely impacting The Bahamas using our court system and taxpayer dollars for his fight against fashion mogul Peter Nygard.
There is an article—that we should take note of—published online in the Nashville PRIDE newspaper by Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. that raised concerns about Louis Bacon. Dr. Benjamin Chavis is a prominent civil rights leader who, in his youth, worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the civil rights movement.
In his November 2015 article, “Stop trivialization, preservation of slavery and racism”, Dr. Chavis stated, “As one of the co-founders of the evolving environmental justice movement worldwide, I am always interested in how some people today who have amassed billionaire financial status view racism, slavery and the issues of diversity and inclusion.”
He also stated for the record that he believes in economic empowerment and freedom for all people.
Dr. Chavis explained that he was surprised to discover from his research that Bacon was spending a lot of money in the state of North Carolina to preserve and renovate the Orton Slave Plantation, which was, at one time, the largest and considered one of the “most brutal slave plantations in North America”.
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Louis Bacon Accused In Racketeering Case

Details From the Racketeering Case Filed Accusing Bacon

The information that follows reveals the details of the filings for the Racketeering case that involves hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon: The information is quoted directly from the Civil Action case filing: United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida Case Number: 0:17-cv-60027-UU.
“The Civil Action:
Identity of the Parties
Jurisdiction and Venue
(Number 1 through 5 of the case filing have been omitted due to the privacy policy)
6. Defendants and others, who are persons associated with or employed by the enterprise described below, conducted and participated in the affairs of that enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”),18 USC § 1962(c), thereby causing injury to plaintiffs’ business and property.

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Is Save The Bays Louis Bacon's tool?

As you may have read, there is a curious case playing out in the courts right now that involves the Prime Minister and other Government entities courtesy of Save The Bays. But before we get into the bedlam of the day, let’s review from the beginning so you can enjoy the ruckus from front row seats.

In 2013, Save The Bays was formed with hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon as one of its founders. Bacon is also currently Save The Bays’ chief funder. At this point in 2013, Louis Bacon and fashion mogul Peter Nygard had already been in a several-years-long fight.

So when you look at the activities of Save The Bays, you can’t help but to come to the conclusion that Save The Bays is just another tool of Bacon’s in his attempts to destroy Peter Nygard.

Though, I could be wrong; you be the judge.

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Is Louis Bacon pushing Pintard as candidate in the upcoming Elections?

Billionaire hedge fund manager Louis Bacon lost another battle in his decade-long feud with Canadian clothing magnate Peter Nygard over their neighbouring properties in the Bahamas as a New York judge threw out Mr. Bacon’s defamation lawsuit in which he claimed he was forced to flee the Bahamas. Bacon not only lost once but twice.

And now that the elections are upon us, Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays are scraping the barrel of the political landscape to see how best they can interfere in the political process in the country.

We know the former Chairman of the FNM Michael Pintard was hired by Save the Bays and was at the centre of a Plot For Hire Scandal that paid big money to two inner-City men. Pintard resigned as a result.

Sources now tell us Pintard is being considered for a run for the FNM in Marco City, Freeport, Grand Bahama. But after resigning in embarrassment as Chairman of the FNM, Pintard is still being coached and pitched as a potential candidate even though questions are still circulating over his role in the Plot for Hire Save Da Bays orchestrated event.

Pintard would be one of several Louis Bacon Save The Bays candidates already nominated for the 2017 General Elections.

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Manhattan judge not amused with Louis Bacon lawyers

A Manhattan judge had little interest in hearing arguments Tuesday from a hedge-fund titan’s lawyers over why his $50 million defamation lawsuit should be reinstated.

Billionaire Louis Bacon’s suit against fashion mogul Peter Nygard was tossed in August by Judge Cynthia Kern, who said the case should be brought in the Bahamas, where the two men are neighbors.

On Tuesday, Bacon’s attorney, Bill Carmody, came to court to argue that the case has New York ties.

But Kern didn’t seem amused.

“I don’t want to spend 15 minutes on it. It’s really the same exact information I was considering the first time,” Kern groused. “I don’t think I’m going to change my mind.”

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Louis Bacon's Blood Sport

Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard provided impassioned insights into his experience with the machinations of hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon on JCN’s “The Platform”.

Nygard shared his unique perspective and gave revealing answers to questions presented during the interview:

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s been going on and what suffering I have been going through in terms of this plot—this very evil conspiracy plot with Bacon—to take over my property.

“Fred Smith is hired by Bacon to do maximum amount of damage to me to the Prime Minister, to anybody at all who is trying to do good in this country.”

In response to a question about Nygard wanting a truce, Nygard declared that he tried to call a truce:

“Not only that time, many times before that. I wrote him letters. I said ‘Bacon this doesn’t make sense. We don’t want to continue on this way. I’ve said, and I’ve said on this program, ‘Louis Bacon, take 10 million dollars, I’ll match that 10 million dollars and let’s jointly do it for the good of the Bahamian people instead of pissing this away, quite frankly, with this kind of battle making these lawyers rich. Let’s make the people of The Bahamas rich’.

“He doesn’t want any part of this [truce]. He calls this a blood sport.”

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Louis Bacon dredged his marina illegally without permit

On JCN’s “The Platform” television show, fashion mogul Peter Nygard shared his perspective on his attempts to clean up following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew and the fight with hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon.

After criticisms from Save The Bays Director and attorney, Fred Smith, over Mr. Nygard’s clean up effort, Mr. Nygard expressed that not only is it his right, but it’s his obligation to get his place cleaned up and repaired after the storm.

As to the specific attack from Fred Smith that Mr. Nygard was dredging, Nygard stated: “The only person who did any dredging there was Louis Bacon when he dredged out his marina illegally without permit. He got permission after the fact, but he still did it illegally. I haven’t dredged. I’ve been cleaning the sand with an agitator that can’t even dredge. All it does is move the sand out of my marina.

“I’m from Canada where we have snow. And when snow goes in our driveway we shovel that out. You don’t need a permit to do that.

“Here, we have a little more pleasant thing. We have sand. Still, it’s in our way to do our boating."

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Louis Bacon's hired gun making malicious attacks

Fashion mogul Peter Nygard has categorically denied the statements Save The Bays attorney, Fred Smith, has published in the media that Peter Nygard is defying a court order and dredging on his property. Peter Nygard believes that Fred Smith is seeking to create confusion and cast him in a bad light.

Nygard Cay suffered major damage as a result of Hurricane Matthew. Nygard Cay is a peninsula located on the most southern tip of Lyford Cay with no barriers to protect it from the battering of storms and hurricanes. As a result of Hurricane Matthew, which was a category 4, Nygard Cay lost more than 40 trees, received major damage to his outdoor structures, and sand whipped up by the hurricane piled to the height of 3 to 4 feet in front of the doors of his family room.

Following the storm, work crews immediately got to work to clean up Nygard Cay like many other homeowners around the entire Bahamas have had to do.

As to the charges of dredging, Mr. Nygard expressed, “I have simply been moving sand away from my doors; all of the leaves, debris and sand that piled up in my marina had to be cleaned from my marina to allow my boat to move in and out. If sand is allowed to build up beneath my boat, it will damage the hull of a 20-million-dollar boat,” he continued.

Fred Smith continually runs to the Supreme Court telling lies and abusing the court system. Peter Nygard has never dredged the seabed. Fred Smith is viciously attacking Mr. Nygard on behalf of Louis Bacon.

Smith is a hired gun executing the bidding of Bacon. They have been trying to disrupt his efforts no matter how noble. Mr. Nygard has been a victim of the malicious attacks of Fred Smith, Save The Bays and their representatives for years.

“Despite Mr. Nygard’s efforts to make peace with them, their mission is to ruin whatever he seeks to do in The Bahamas.

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Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays facing serious problems

Serious problems are beginning for Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays as a Parliamentary Select Committee has been formed and empowered to send for people and papers over the private emails debacle.

For days now a gang of attacks by the Bacon Save the Bays hired team, including special music by KB, which during the opening of school attacked the Minister for Education who was fined by a Supreme Court Judge in the matter.

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Rhetoric on behalf of Louis Bacon is offensive

Fred smith’s rhetoric as director and attorney for Save The Bays and on behalf of hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon is offensive to say the least.

The Bahamian people should take exception to the constant bombardment of talking points in a recent slew of articles designed to confuse the issues and hide the facts.

In fact, Save The Bays needs to be called to account for lying, misleading the Bahamian public, and pretending to be concerned about the Bahamas while attempting to undermine its very foundation—all for non-Bahamian Louis Bacon.

Let’s look at the core facts and how Fred Smith and Save The Bays have been attempting to hoodwink everyone.

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Does Louis Bacon Understand Separation of Powers

Fred Smith, Save The Bays Director and attorney, is continuously seeking to set dangerous precedents in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas where lawyers and a judge determine what are acceptable parliamentary practices and rule of law.

What he seems to not get is that ‘separation of powers’ exists for a reason!

Let’s examine the issues. But first, let’s put aside some of the context for this fight.

Put aside for the moment that Fred Smith is conducting this fight on behalf of Save The Bays, an organization which they have said is mainly funded by non-Bahamian hedge-fund billionaire, Louis Bacon.

Put aside for the moment that Save The Bays is a political organization—which Fred Smith has admitted to—under the guise of an environmental group and they are the ones driving this entire constitutional crisis.

Put aside for the moment that Save The Bays has been running countless political ads against the PLP Government of The Bahamas.

Put aside for the moment that Save The Bays has been continuously attacking the Progressive Liberal Party Government and has constantly sought to interfere with their governing.

Put aside for the moment that the Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas has a right to defend themselves against constant political attacks by Save The Bays.

Separation of Powers exists for a reason—to protect us against abusive actions like those of Fred Smith and Save The Bays fighting on behalf of non-Bahamian, hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon.

Read the full story in the Bahama Journal here.

Louis Bacon's Save The Bays Director Afraid of Parliamentary Hearing

Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays director Fred Smith has now realized he is up the creek as a hearing by Parliament is about to commence on some matters involving emails and court cases by Save the Bays.

Save the Bays, you should know, has caused to happen a number of legal matters involving members of Parliament, gagging Parliament, members of the Press and media houses, and have had writs served on media personalities.

The problem here is this: If it is proven that someone deep inside Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays is found in Contempt of Parliament after many flaws in the process of a trial were committed, then the conclusions by Bahamas Press would be what we said all along: that Louis Bacon has had bad legal advisors in the Bahamas from the beginning and they have led him down the wrong road.

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Is Louis Bacon Jealous?

Hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon’s response to fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s call for a truce earlier this year appeared to reveal some sort of jealousy.

In watching an interview that aired on JCN’s “The platform”, I was struck by what was said to be Louis Bacon’s response to Peter Nygard’s call for a truce. The organization Save The Bays and Bacon’s response was reportedly that Peter Nygard should return his property, Nygard Cay, to its 1983 condition, and then they could discuss a truce.

In other words, Peter Nygard must tear down the rest of his buildings—since his home has already been destroyed by a mysterious fire—and make his property a barren piece of land, as it was in 1983. That is the response that Peter Nygard got from Louis Bacon as the only situation in which Bacon would consider ending their war.

What does Bacon’s response tell you?

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