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Louis Bacon Calls It Quits after several years of poor returns

It's no secret that the hedge fund industry is having a hard time.

And with complaints from LPs growing louder, another hedge fund legend has decided to return all outside funds and convert into a family office. This time, it's Louis Bacon's Moore Capital. According to the FT, Bacon's decision to shutter the three Moore funds comes after several years of poor returns.

Last year, one fund managed by Moore posted a 6% drop, underperforming the S&P 500, after it struggled to recover from two explosions in equity volatility, while another fund was off 3.3%.

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Louis Bacon accused of running “a private witness protection program”

As if The New York Times doesn’t have enough problems on its hands, it’s now being drawn into the bitter decade-long fight between billionaires Peter Nygard and Louis Bacon, which started out as a land dispute in the Bahamas.

The Manhattan federal lawsuit accuses Bacon of an unsuccessful bid to get federal prosecutors to go after Nygard and says the Moore Capital Management founder is now trying to get the press to go after him — specifically fingering The New York Times.

The Times is not named as a defendant, but the suit does give the address of the “major New York newspaper” as 620 Eighth Ave. — which is the Gray Lady’s headquarters. The suit claims that the reporters for the paper “tried to steer the individuals to provide information to fit a story” and that reporters wanted to “bring down” Nygard.

The suit, filed by lawyers David Ross and Cynthia Butera on Sept. 6, goes on to claim that Bacon is running “a private witness protection program” in the US for at least five people who claim to have dirt on Nygard. The individuals in the “private witness protection program” are giving false and misleading statements, the suit said.

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Former equities trader at Louis Bacon’s hedge fund, Moore Capital had also previously pleaded guilty to insider trading

Richard Baldwin, 53, was convicted of dealing in criminal property in 2017 but reporting restrictions meant his conviction could not be reported until now, the Financial Conduct Authority said in a statement on Thursday.

He is the sixth man to be convicted as part of Operation Tabernula, the UK financial regulator’s biggest insider-trading investigation to date.

The three-year insider-trading conspiracy used military-grade encryption devices with passwords named after sports cars, pay-as-you-go mobile phones, Panamanian bank accounts and cash payments for holidays and luxury watches to cover their tracks. 

Three other men embroiled in Operation Tabernula — including Julian Rifat, a former equities trader at Louis Bacon’s hedge fund, Moore Capital — previously pleaded guilty to insider trading.

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Louis Bacon alleged to have violated sections of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Fashion mogul Peter Nygard is attempting to use an American law better known for prosecuting mobsters to hit back at his neighbour in the Bahamas.

Nygard earlier this week filed a complaint with the U.S. federal court in Manhattan alleging hedge fund manager Louis Bacon violated sections of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act – better known as the RICO Act.

Court documents filed Feb. 19 with the U.S. federal court in Manhattan state Nygard alleges Bacon hired private investigators to find and bribe witnesses in 2015 and 2016 to testify that Nygard had "prepared a hit list to murder" several individuals, had hired individuals to commit arson, and other criminal activities.

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Louis Bacon Close To Seeing Hated Bahamas Neighbor In Jail Or Dead

After a three-year hiatus, the long-running hedge fund billionaire vs. Canadian affordable fashion mogul legal soap opera “As Lyford Cay Turns” is back with an all-new season, and things aren’t looking good at all for the flamboyant discount duds purveyor that everyone (well, Louis Bacon, anyway) loves to hate, Peter Nygard. Before plunging into the most recent twists and turns, let’s binge-watch some old episodes to refresh our memories.

Hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon’s gardener is found in the buff and in the Jacuzzi—and also dead. The circumstances don’t appear suspicious until Bahamian police also find some military-grade speakers on the property, pointed right at the burnt-out Mayan-style private resort of Bacon’s neighbor and fellow billionaire, Peter Nygard.

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Louis Bacon’s widely advertised additions to resort has been controversial

TAOS SKI VALLEY — For more than 50 years, skier Dadou Mayer has ridden a lift that glides above the northern face of this mountain. His anticipation usually builds as he reaches the top.

But when Mayer shared a ride with resort owner Louis Bacon the day after the first fatal inbounds avalanche in Taos Ski Valley’s 64-year history, the mood was grim.

For years, Kachina Peak was accessible only on foot. Opening it to a wider audience with a new lift — which began operating in 2015 — was one of Bacon’s most widely advertised additions.

The lift also has been controversial. Longtime members of the mountain community were concerned that unskilled skiers and boarders might ride the lift and find themselves in terrain that posed dangers.

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Romney sailing in Louis Bacon's troubled waters

Millionaire Louis Bacon has been doing much damage in the Caribbean region especially the Bahamas over the past several years where his alleged financial support and influence was felt under the former Free National Movement government once led by Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, whose government were just toppled by Prime Minister Perry Christie and the Progressive Liberal Party back on May 7th, 2012.

The defeat at the polls, caused the hedge fund millionaire to flee to the Turks & Caicos Islands and now as we understand the Cayman Island where its alleged that he is dragging his republican friend Governor Mitt Romney along with him.

ABC News has reported the sighting of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign Party Yacht flying the Cayman Island flag.

The Cayman is the islands is a territory, that wealthy folks like Louis Bacon and Mitt Romney use as an offshore bank to stash their wealth. Could it be that these two birds could have been flying their cash around trying to find a safe haven to stash their millions.

Louis Bacon is said to have raised millions dollars for Romney at fund raising events in Britain and the United States.

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Louis Bacon’s Moore Global Investment fund has struggled to produce positive returns in 2018

A top-performing hedge fund has taken the bold step of almost completely dumping its equity holdings, ahead of what it fears will be a “substantial market correction — or worse”.

Managing Partners Group, a UK fund manager that runs a small but strongly performing hedge fund called Vita Nova, said it thinks a setback for stocks is “inevitable”, with the only debate “being whether it will manifest in a bear run, or an outright stock market crash”.

The MSCI World, a leading global equities index, made 5.4% in dollar terms to the end of September. Other famed hedge funds, such as Louis Bacon’s Moore Global Investment fund, have struggled to produce positive returns in 2018, according to industry figures.

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Louis Bacon sued by Hip Hop Artist Bianca McKinney

Attempt by hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon of KKK heritage to end legal effort of an indigent disabled black woman on social security, reveals that unbeknownst to her, his Hollywood superstar lawyer, Marty Singer, was also secretly embedded in her legal camp.

Inquiring minds want to know how it is that Bianca McKinney (“McKinney”), an indigent disabled black woman on social security in the USA, could have survived the herculean attempt by hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon (“Bacon”) to strike out her California, USA multimillion dollar lawsuit jointly against him and Michael Artan (“Artan”), a California-based Criminal Defence Attorney.

In civil case No. BC-624474 initiated by McKinney on the 21st of June 2016 in the Superior Court of California by her first attorney, Michael Saltz (“Saltz”), she jointly sued Bacon and Artan for (1) Fraudulent Concealment, (2) Invasion of Privacy, (3) Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; and (4) Violations of the Bane Civil Rights Act.

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Is Louis Bacon concerned about Insider trading?

Domo, Inc. (NASDAQ:DOMO) is one of a stock that has had recent insider trading activity in the public market.

The insider holding in Domo, Inc. (DOMO) stood at 1.7% while institutions hold 69.2%.

Institutional Venture Management Xiii, Llc is the largest single holder among mutual funds with ownership of over 1.37M DOMO shares as of June 30, with a market value of approx. $37.34M as of today. The second largest holder, Louis Moore Bacon, with 867500 shares which equates to $23.68M worth of the stock.

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Louis Bacon backs hedge fund offering 16 percent loans

Promise of 8% Return Becomes Offer of 16% Loan for Ponzi Victims.

About 10,000 investors -- many of them retirees -- were swindled out of $1.2 billion they had sunk into a now-bankrupt real-estate developer that federal regulators say was a Ponzi scheme.

Some of the victims are of modest means for whom the losses represented a big blow. And so after the developer -- a Los Angeles-based firm called Woodbridge Group of Cos. -- blocked investors from selling their claims, the judge overseeing the case allowed them to borrow against what they stand to recoup after the assets are liquidated.

A couple of weeks ago, a little-known hedge fund by the name of Axar Capital Management was chosen to exclusively grant the loans after discussions with bigger rivals like Och-Ziff Capital Management and Apollo Global Management. The rate: 16 percent.

No one is accusing Axar, which is backed by billionaires Louis Moore Bacon and Julian Robertson, of wrongdoing.

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Louis Bacon attempts to influence U.S. elections with his money

A new super PAC connected to a network of nonpartisan political action committees put roughly $146,000 behind Democratic House candidates this week ahead of competitive primary elections later this month.

Combined, the eight super PACs connected to No Labels have raised more than $9.8 million in itemized individual donations, primarily from five- and six-figure donors. Chicago White Sox and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf, hedge fund manager Louis Bacon, former Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan Selig and Wheels Inc. executive Jim Frank are among the handful of donors who contributed to two or more of the eight PACs.

The super PACs have spent more than $3 million supporting and opposing candidates of both parties in the 2018 election cycle.

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Louis Bacon locked in a bizarre dispute in the Bahamas

Janet Yellen is finally cashing in.

The former Federal Reserve chair spent the past week in New York getting wined and dined — and paid handsomely — by Wall Street bigwigs, just weeks after stepping down from the helm of the world’s most powerful central bank, sources told The Post.

Ten guests “representing more than $100 billion in assets” chatted about “current fiscal policy, trade wars with China, Donald Trump’s initiatives, tax cuts, etc.,” according to the source.

Other guests included Dmitry Balyasny, whose $12 billion hedge fund is known to throw notorious parties at Cipriani’s and the Fontainebleau; and Louis Bacon of Moore Capital, who famously has been locked in a bizarre, bitter property-line dispute in the Bahamas with fashion mogul Peter Nygard.

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Bianca McKinney vs. Louis Bacon

Case Number: BC624474 Hearing Date: March 29, 2018 Dept: 53
bianca mckinney vs. louis bacon , et al.; BC624474, March 29, 2018
[tentative] order re: plaintiff’s COUNSEL’S motion to be relieved as counsel
The motion of counsel for Plaintiff Bianca McKinney to be relieved as counsel is GRANTED.
Full information found at Lawzilla here.

Bahamas Save The Bays is just another tool of Louis Bacon

In 2013, Save The Bays was formed with hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon as one of its founders. Bacon is also currently Save The Bays’ chief funder. At this point in 2013, Louis Bacon and fashion mogul Peter Nygard had already been in a several-years-long fight.

So when you look at the activities of Save The Bays, you can’t help but to come to the conclusion that Save The Bays is just another tool of Bacon’s in his attempts to destroy Peter Nygard.

Though, I could be wrong; you be the judge.

After Save The Bays was formed, one of their first actions was to make an application for a judicial review against the Government of The Bahamas. (Enter stage left – attorney Fred Smith).

It had already appeared that Save The Bays had two main targets in all of their actions: We can surmise that their main targets were The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Government and Mr. Peter Nygard—this is based on Save The Bays’ behavior.

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Moore Capital’s European operation seeing changes

Changes are being made to Moore Capital’s European operation to mark the start of 2018.

Hassim Osman Dhoda, a former senior macro trader at Moore Capital in London quit at the end of last year and has formed a new macro fund – Soloda Investment Advisors, which was registered with Companies House on December 28th 2017. For the moment, Dhoda is Soloda’s only employee. 

Registrations with Companies House in London also suggest that Moore Europe Capital Management has “terminated” various “members.” These include finance director Garth Gasgoigne, global head of trading Maurizio Alfano, and portfolio managers Angelie Ashwin Moledina and Luis Valderrama.

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Why did Louis Bacon Refuse Truce Offer?

The longer this battle between billionaires in The Bahamas in this Clifton conflict is unresolved, the more confusing it is. Will it ever end? Will we ever get our questions answered?

Well we know that fashion mogul Peter Nygard tried to call a truce with hedge-fund billionaire Louis Moore Bacon 2 years ago, which Bacon obviously refused. We have not heard that anything has changed since then; so chances are, this strife is not ending any time soon.

Peter Nygard offered to give the millions they pay to lawyers to the people in The Bahamas instead for much needed projects, but since Bacon appeared to never be one for giving to the people of The Bahamas, that didn’t likely appeal to him.

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Louis Bacon Chief Funder of Save The Bays

What ever happened to the matter that was put before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) by the Save The Bays 5? Is the Commonwealth of The Bahamas still on a list with rogue nations that kidnap, torture and kill its citizens?

The Bahamas got on that list because of actions by Fred Smith, thru the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association, working on behalf of Save The Bays, which is chiefly funded by hedge-fund billionaire Louis Moore Bacon. Fred Smith filed a petition with the IACHR citing that the Save The Bays 5 were in fear for their lives.

Save The Bays is an organization operating in The Bahamas that has established itself as an environmental group. It has a United States 501(c)(3) status and its chief funder, as they have indicated, is hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon. Contradictorily, they have also called themselves a political organization, which is actually in violation of U.S. Treasury rules for any 501(c)(3) to do.

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Secretive Fund Guru Louis Moore Bacon

Bacon has been the subject of some less-than-stellar press attention like the bitter dispute on the island with retail tycoon Peter Nygard. He even brought a defamation case against Nygard for spreading ‘malicious’ rumors of a close association with the Ku Klux Klan, and attempts to falsely link him to arson, bribery, drug smuggling, and murder. Bacon has emphatically denied all these claims.

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The Elusive Truce in the Bahamas

The battle between Lyford Cay billionaires hedge-fund billionaire Louis Moore Bacon and fashion mogul Peter Nygard seems never-ending, but not for lack of trying to end it by Peter Nygard. Back in November of 2015, Nygard extended an olive branch to Bacon to end this feud. However, Bacon refused.

Nygard said it was one of many overtures of peace to Bacon. They have all been refused. To date, the money spent on this battle is in the tens of millions if not more.

In the 2015 open letter Nygard expressed:

“As 2015 draws to a close and we approach the holiday season, let us bring this fighting to an end and reach a global resolution under which Mr. Bacon and I will each contribute a significant and mutually agreed upon sum of money to aid the disadvantaged and better the islands. In this spirit, I am writing to invite all of you and/or your representatives to participate in a settlement conference to explore a resolution to all outstanding disputes, including legal actions, to take place as soon as possible in Nassau or wherever is most convenient.”

We are coming up on another holiday season with still no cessation to this million-dollar conflict.

Here is more of what Mr. Nygard wrote in his letter from two years ago.

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