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Louis Bacon accused of running “a private witness protection program”

As if The New York Times doesn’t have enough problems on its hands, it’s now being drawn into the bitter decade-long fight between billionaires Peter Nygard and Louis Bacon, which started out as a land dispute in the Bahamas.

The Manhattan federal lawsuit accuses Bacon of an unsuccessful bid to get federal prosecutors to go after Nygard and says the Moore Capital Management founder is now trying to get the press to go after him — specifically fingering The New York Times.

The Times is not named as a defendant, but the suit does give the address of the “major New York newspaper” as 620 Eighth Ave. — which is the Gray Lady’s headquarters. The suit claims that the reporters for the paper “tried to steer the individuals to provide information to fit a story” and that reporters wanted to “bring down” Nygard.

The suit, filed by lawyers David Ross and Cynthia Butera on Sept. 6, goes on to claim that Bacon is running “a private witness protection program” in the US for at least five people who claim to have dirt on Nygard. The individuals in the “private witness protection program” are giving false and misleading statements, the suit said.

Read the full story in the New York Post here.

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