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Louis Bacon Close To Seeing Hated Bahamas Neighbor In Jail Or Dead

After a three-year hiatus, the long-running hedge fund billionaire vs. Canadian affordable fashion mogul legal soap opera “As Lyford Cay Turns” is back with an all-new season, and things aren’t looking good at all for the flamboyant discount duds purveyor that everyone (well, Louis Bacon, anyway) loves to hate, Peter Nygard. Before plunging into the most recent twists and turns, let’s binge-watch some old episodes to refresh our memories.

Hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon’s gardener is found in the buff and in the Jacuzzi—and also dead. The circumstances don’t appear suspicious until Bahamian police also find some military-grade speakers on the property, pointed right at the burnt-out Mayan-style private resort of Bacon’s neighbor and fellow billionaire, Peter Nygard.

Read the full story on Dealbreaker here.

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