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Bahamas Save The Bays is just another tool of Louis Bacon

In 2013, Save The Bays was formed with hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon as one of its founders. Bacon is also currently Save The Bays’ chief funder. At this point in 2013, Louis Bacon and fashion mogul Peter Nygard had already been in a several-years-long fight.

So when you look at the activities of Save The Bays, you can’t help but to come to the conclusion that Save The Bays is just another tool of Bacon’s in his attempts to destroy Peter Nygard.

Though, I could be wrong; you be the judge.

After Save The Bays was formed, one of their first actions was to make an application for a judicial review against the Government of The Bahamas. (Enter stage left – attorney Fred Smith).

It had already appeared that Save The Bays had two main targets in all of their actions: We can surmise that their main targets were The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Government and Mr. Peter Nygard—this is based on Save The Bays’ behavior.

Read the full story in the Bahama Journal here.

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