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Louis Bacon Chief Funder of Save The Bays

What ever happened to the matter that was put before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) by the Save The Bays 5? Is the Commonwealth of The Bahamas still on a list with rogue nations that kidnap, torture and kill its citizens?

The Bahamas got on that list because of actions by Fred Smith, thru the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association, working on behalf of Save The Bays, which is chiefly funded by hedge-fund billionaire Louis Moore Bacon. Fred Smith filed a petition with the IACHR citing that the Save The Bays 5 were in fear for their lives.

Save The Bays is an organization operating in The Bahamas that has established itself as an environmental group. It has a United States 501(c)(3) status and its chief funder, as they have indicated, is hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon. Contradictorily, they have also called themselves a political organization, which is actually in violation of U.S. Treasury rules for any 501(c)(3) to do.

Read the full story in the Bahama Journal here.

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