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Louis Bacon’s Countless Court Absences

Fred Smith, Save The Bays Director and attorney, is hypocritically up in arms over fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s application (submitted by attorney Damian Gomez) to be excused from court appearances, despite the fact that hedge-fund billionaire Louis Moore Bacon is absent from all court cases he has launched in The Bahamas.

A recent Tribune article “Supreme Court Judge To Give Ruling On Nygard’s Absence” reported, “Fred Smith, QC, lead counsel for the Save The Bays (STB), objected to Mr Gomez’s application on the grounds that acceding to it would be prejudicial to STB.”

The article says this about the response from Mr. Nygard’s attorney: “Mr Gomez also submitted that given the circumstances, Mr Nygard’s absence and consequent application can cause no prejudice to STB. He said he was ‘at a loss’ about STB’s claims on the matter.”

Mr. Gomez has to be at a loss over Fred Smith’s hypocritical objections when every court case involving Louis Bacon is taking place without Louis Bacon being present. Yet, the article explains, “Mr Smith insisted on STB’s opposition of his [Nygard’s] excusal application.”

Bacon has brought cases against people for contempt of court and has never shown up in court for any of these cases. He has brought lawsuits against several individuals and hasn’t shown up for them. Fred Smith and Louis Bacon’s cohort of attorneys have the Bahamian Courts tied up in numerous cases involving Louis Bacon or organizations with which he is associated, like Save The Bays and the Coalition To Save Clifton. Many of these cases have been ongoing and will go into next year.

Read the full story in the Bahama Journal here.

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