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If Louis Bacon Controls The Bahamas…

Hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon has used his millions in a scorched earth campaign against fashion mogul Peter Nygard and the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas—all done through Save The Bays and its attorney and Director, Fred Smith.
Toward this end, Fred Smith behaves like a bulldog engaged in persistent and ferocious attacks against anyone deemed Bacon’s enemy.
Now Fred Smith and Louis Bacon, supposedly, seek to carry out their agenda through the Free National Movement (FNM) political party.
Here’s the thing. Even after challenging the FNM Chairman to deny that several Free National Movement candidates are being funded by money from Louis Bacon, there has been radio silence. No denials have been heard anywhere.
Given that Bacon’s money funding FNM candidates is a likely fact, there is much to discuss about Louis Bacon and what this means for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, since we know that ‘what’s past is prologue’.
Read the full story in the Bahama Journal here.

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